Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Carruth Cellars - Solana Beach

~Statue at entrance~
Since we love to GO LOCAL we took it a lil outside of the bubble of Encinitas and Cardiff and hit up the next town over, Solana Beach. Its a whole five minutes from our house so we figured if this place is good then whats a five minute drive? We took a hostage with us for our big mom.
Luckily she had been to Carruth before so when we said we were kidnapping her she was more than happy to be held against her will for a couple of hours.
Carruth Cellars is a lil hard to find so don't be discouraged. Just look for the big pink naked lady statue holding a wine glass. Then begin your ascent up the steepest hill of your life.
Even in 4 inch heels you can do it. I did.

~Phil & Momma Karen~
Once you're done hiking the hill ...... all is well. The cellar is awesome. Its a little hideaway amongst the hustle and bustle of Cedros Avenue where you can shop shop shop til you drop then stop and have a break with friends to mark the end to a great day. The wines are all from Northern California and all had fantastic tastes.
~Always wanted to do this!~

~When Ryan is "Naughty" send him upstairs to the lofts~
That caption was classic!!!! This barrel is right at the counter of the tasting room. Once we stopped laughing we were in the perfect mode to start tasting.
~Outside seating~

~Great place to have a glass and hang out~

~Tasting room~
We've lived in Encinitas & Cardiff all our lives and what we loved most about Carruth Cellars was it was in our hometown of North County. We didnt have to drive out to Temecula for an all day excursion. We hopped in the car, drove a few minutes and were able to have a few hours of local paradise.
Go for a tasting or order a case ahead of time!
Either way you can't go wrong :-)
So head to Carruth Cellars and tell them "PHIL & ANGIE" recommended you give it a try and remember to GO LOCAL!
Carruth Cellars is located at:
320 South Cedros Avenue
Solana Beach, CA

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